A venue fit for a king! It was a fantastic evening, they had arranged it all perfectly. I am gobsmacked and over the moon all at once!
— H.M. Castor, Author

Wednesday 31st October, 5pm - 6.30pm at Warwick Books

A spanish celebration of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s The Labyrinth of the Spirits

Tickets £5 including refreshments and discounted from signed copies of the book

Book essential at Warwick Books 01926 499939 or info@warwickbooks.net

Join us to celebrate the final part of Zafón’s historical Spanish quartet , the long-awaited new novel The Labyrinth of the Spirits, with an evening of Spanish music, tapas and readings from the book.

The Labyrinth of the Spirits is an electrifying tale of passion, intrigue and adventure. Within its haunting pages Carlos Ruiz Zafón masterfully weaves together plots and subplots in an intricate and intensely imagined homage to books, the art of storytelling and that magical bridge between literature and our lives.

As a child, Daniel Sempere discovered among the passageways of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books an extraordinary novel that would change the course of his life. Now a young man in the Barcelona of the late 1950s, Daniel runs the Sempere & Sons bookshop and enjoys a seemingly fulfilling life with his loving wife and son. Yet the mystery surrounding the death of his mother continues to plague his soul despite the moving efforts of his wife Bea and his faithful friend Fermín to save him.

Just when Daniel believes he is close to solving this enigma, a conspiracy more sinister than he could have imagined spreads its tentacles from the hellish regime. That is when Alicia Gris appears, a soul born out of the nightmare of the war. She is the one who will lead Daniel to the edge of the abyss and reveal the secret history of his family, although at a terrifying price.

Thursday 15th November, 7pm at Warwick Books (May move to a larger venue tbc)

ASH by Archie Miles

Tickets £5 including refreshments

Book essential at Warwick Books 01926 499939 or info@warwickbooks.net


Archie Miles, Renowned tree writer and photographer, and Woodland Heritage member,  has been inspired to create a beautiful illustrated monograph about our ash trees before ash dieback and the almost certain arrival of emerald ash borer in the near future erase the vast majority of them from the British landscape.

Archie was motivated to compile a comprehensive study of the ash when he reflected upon how little was done to record the great elms in the landscape before the devastating effects of Dutch elm disease some fifty years ago. Three years ago he set out to find the funding to make the book a reality and with support from Woodland Trust and the Association of AONBs this has now been made possible.



 Thursday 22nd November, 7pm at Warwick Hall, Myton Rd.

In The Mouth of the Wolf by Michael Morpurgo

Tickets £5, must be booked in advance.  All proceeds will go towards Michael's charity of choice, Farms For City Children.

Book essential at Warwick Books 01926 499939 or info@warwickbooks.net


In the Mouth of the Wolf is the epic, true story of Michael Morpurgo’s uncles during World War Two. The book will feature 100 pieces of artwork from Barroux, including illustrations inspired by Morpurgo’s family photographs. It is an incredible true story of courage and love during World War II.

In the Mouth of the Wolf will follow two brothers; one an actor and airman and one a secret agent and teacher. As the shadow of one war lingers, and the rumbles of another approach, brothers Francis and Pieter argue. Francis is a pacifist and conscientious objector, while Pieter signs up to fight. What happens next will change the course of Francis’s life forever, and throw him into the mouth of the wolf.

Michael Morpurgo has links to Warwick and we are delighted to welcome him to talk about this poignant book. He said ‘The story of these two uncles affected my life profoundly. I felt the time had come to tell their story. It is, in a way, the most personal book I have ever written. This book may read like fiction. But it is not. That is because it does not need to be.’

 Thursday 13th December, 7pm at Warwick Books

The Penguin Classics Book by Henry Eliot

Tickets £5 including refreshments

Booking essential at Warwick Books 01926 499939 or info@warwickbooks.net


Alexander Pope never left home without a pair of loaded pistols and his Great Dane, Bounce. Jan Potocki took his own life with a bullet modelled on the knob of his favourite sugar bowl. A village in North Devon became the only place name in Britain with an exclamation mark, after Charles Kingsley’s historical novel of the same name, Westward Ho!

From The Epic of Gilgamesh to the poetry of the First World War, this reader’s companion encompasses 500 authors, 1,200 books and 4,000 years of world literature. Take a tour of the best books ever written through stories of the series’ authors, works, and translations.

‘It is a book of suggestions and recommendations, drawing connections across the history of world literature, which will hopefully reacquaint you with authors, introduce you to new titles and suggest ways to map your future reading’  – Henry Eliot.

This is the first of two volumes that will feature all 2,500 titles in the Penguin Classics and Penguin Modern Classics Series

Henry Eliot has spent the past decade immersed in literature, working for creative industries and organising literary tours of all kinds. His projects have included a mass public pilgrimage inspired by William Morris for the National Trust; an interactive app edition of The Tempest featuring Ian McKellen; a recreation of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to raise money for the National Literacy Trust; and a quest for the Holy Grail based on Malory’s Morte D’Arthur.


We are delighted to host a rich series of literary events in and around Warwick. These include our popular 'Meet the author' events. The talks usually last about an hour, followed by questions, and then there is an opportunity to meet the speaker and have a book signed. Previous authors Melvyn Bragg, Jodi Picoult, Kate Williams, Professor Edith Hall and Dr Elizabeth Goldring. These events take place across Warwick including the beautiful Lord Leycester Hospital. We also support Warwick Words Festival. Read about our previous events in our blog.

Refreshments provided by local independent businesses are served at all of our events!

Huge thanks for a fab event yesterday!
— Warwickshire Schools Library Service