By now I imagine your thoughts will be turning to Christmas  and gifts for friends and loved ones. 

I have always been delighted to receive books at Christmas (this shouldn't come as a surprise,  as we recently bought a WHOLE bookshop!) Books make a really wonderful gift. You are giving someone permission to escape for a little while, an excuse to sit down and immerse themselves in another world. They are also very easy to wrap..

This year we hope to ensure you get just what you want for Christmas, whilst making it a little easier for your loved ones to get you just what you wish for. We will be keeping 'Wish Lists' in the shop. Simply come in, have a browse and leave a list of the books you would really like to receive. You can then send your friends and family into the shop and we can point them in the right direction, making sure you don't end up with three copies if the same title.

And remember if you sign up to our mailing list you can join us for our exclusive evening event on the 2nd of December and receive 10% off all books purchased or ordered on the night.

We hope this all helps and thank you for supporting your local independent bookshop this festive season!


Mog x