One of the joys of having our shop is discovering new authors and new titles. Often we hear from publishers, from book fairs or others in the industry but the most exciting is hearing from our customers.

This week we were introduced to Tree of Shadow is the first in a trilogy from author Dallin Chapman. We wanted to share..

Set in two very different worlds, Tree of Shadow, follows the story of Galen, who lives in a community infused with love and spirituality, and Lukas, who inhabits a fallen world, full of chaos and evil. A momentary collision of worlds and a chance meeting between the two, as boys, sets in motion a series of unforeseen events, in which the protagonists travel to places beyond their imagination, fuelled by a desperate need to meet again as grown men. This is a quest: to understand the limits of pursuing knowledge, to learn to live in harmony, and to pay the price for succumbing to temptation.

This is published by Steve Newman Stratfords publishing house. Very exciting!