Our Recommended Books This Month

Nosh for Students – A Fun Student Cookbook

Author: Joy May
ISBN: 9780956746474
Price: £8.99
Publisher: inTrade

The Bare Bum Gang and the Football Face-off

Author: Anthony McGowan
ISBN: 9781862303867
Price: £5.99
Publisher: Random House

The Good Pub Guide 2015

Author: Alisdair Aird
ISBN: 9780091958084
Price: £15.99
Publisher: Ebury

Maps: their untold stories

Author: Rose Mitchell
ISBN: 9781408189672
Price: £30
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Intimate Letters of England’s Kings

Author: Margaret Sanders
ISBN: 9781445638102
Price: £9.99
Publisher: Amberley


We’ve been saving up a load of treats for you at Warwick Words Autumn Festival which takes place 1-5th October. As well as Charles Spencer, Andy Kershaw, Tracey Thorn and Wendy Cope, we have our own stimulating events. We are lucky enough to have two of the Oxford English Dictionary’s senior editors along ( a rare chance for them to get out perhaps? ). First up on Saturday 4th October, Fiona McPherson will talk about the Linguistic Legacy of The First World War which of course gave rise to numerous new words and phrases (air raid, mustard gas, shell shock, tailspin, basket case…). She will set this in the context of how and why the OED is revised. Fascinating. Then on the Sunday 5th October her colleague, and Deputy Chief Editor, Philip Durkin will discuss his book ‘Borrowed Words : A History of Loanwords in English’. How has borrowing from other languages shaped the language we speak today? We will learn about borrowings that immediately stand out (sushi, poltergeist) but others so embedded in our daily use that we give them no thought (cheese, inch, even they). Philip will look at how and why the English vocabulary was so deeply influenced by Latin-speaking churchmen, Anglo-French Administrators and so on..wonderful stuff for anyone with any interest in words and language.

As you would expect by now we also have two terrific talks on Historical themes. On Thursday 2nd October, historian Jessie Childs will talk about her book ‘God’s Traitors – Terror and Faith in Elizabethan England’. From dawn raids to daring escapes, stately houses to torture chambers this is a story to make your hair stand on end, and as most of the story is told through the eyes of one Midlands family there is a huge amount of local interest. Local historian and something of an expert on the First World War Alan Reed is here on Friday 3rd October to talk about ‘Stolen Lives – Individual Tragedies of the Great War’, a book which has been receiving a lot of television and press interest and rightly so. We look forward to him taking us through this book written with colleague Andrew Hamilton about 50 individuals all killed and all with stories that need telling.

Lastly we are very pleased indeed that we have popular TV historian Kate Williams to talk about, not one of her history books this time, but ‘The Storms of War’ the first in a fictional trilogy which some say is set to be the new Downton Abbey! I am absolutely sure she will convince us not only that that could well be so, but also that it is based on painstaking research so that every detail is correct. An unusual take on the events leading up to the war, and the war itself keeps our interest flowing. A talk to look forward to……
We have a limited number of tickets for our own events but otherwise please pick up a Warwick Words brochure…….
We look forward to seeing you there.

And as usual we hope you enjoyWarwick Books StoreThis Months Reviews. ….Keith & Frances Smith

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