Meet The Author with Warwick Books : Jim Ring

June 12th, 2014

On Thursday 12th June 7pm at  Warwick Library, Jim Ring will talk about his book ‘Storming The Eagle’s Nest : Hitler’s War In The Alps’.

9780571282388From the Fall of France in June 1940 to Hitler’s suicide in April 1945, the swastika flew from the peaks of the High Savoy in the western Alps to the passes above Ljubljana in the east. The Alps as much as Berlin were the heart of the Third Reich. ‘Yes,’ Hitler declared of his headquarters in the Bavarian Alps, ‘I have a close link to this mountain.’

Much was done there, came about and ended there; those were the best times of my life…My great plans were forged there.’ With great authority and verve, Jim Ring tells the story of how the war was conceived and directed from the Fuhrer’s mountain retreat, how all the Alps bar Switzerland fell to Fascism, and how Switzerland herself became the Nazi’s banker and Europe’s spy centre. He also shows how the Alps in France, Italy and Yugoslavia became cradles of resistance, how the range proved both a sanctuary and a death-trap for Europe’s Jews – and how the whole war culminated in the Allies’ descent on what was rumoured to be Hitler’s Alpine Redoubt, a Bavarian mountain fortress.

Jim Ring’s books include Erskine Childers, which won the Marsh Prize for biography and How the English Made the Alps which was described as ‘fascinating’ by the Daily Telegraph and ‘evocative and entertaining’ by the Financial Times. His collective biography of Britain’s leading Cold War submariners, We Come Unseen, won the Mountbatten Prize and was followed by Riviera which was called ‘a highly readable history’ by the Guardian.

The talk will take place at Warwick Library and tickets which are FREE will be available from Warwick Books, Kenilworth Books or the Library.

Meet The Author With Warwick Books : Robert Elverstone

June 8th, 2014

On Saturday 7th June 10.30am at  Warwick , Robert Elverstone will be talking about his new book ‘Absent Through Want of Boots : Diary of a Victorian School in Leicestershire’

9780750952187May 3rd. Attendance pretty good on Monday after the Easter Holidays. John Thorn played truant on Monday and Tuesday and spent his school money.

June 13th. Mrs Bailey found Albert playing truant on Wednesday morning and brought him to school giving him a good thrashing in the cap-room with a stick she brought with her. Following the 1870 Forster Elementary Education Act, Albert Road Board School in Leicester opened on 2nd September 1878 with an average role of 500 children.

Looking at a modern classroom it is easy to forget the humble beginnings of education. This book charts the changes over the last 140 years through daily accounts in the head teachers’ log books of a large Victorian school in Leicestershire.

From the records  we read of the difficult conditions in overcrowded classrooms, young teachers with no training and the daily struggles with truancy and lack of resources. It is the story of poverty, hunger and disease faced by children who were often labelled as backward or retarded, and the struggles confronted in winter by children who were marked as absent through want of boots.

To complement the book, author Robert Elverstone will expand on events, illustrating his talk with pictures and artefacts.

Absent Through Want of Boots provides a fascinating record of the developments and daily struggles in our local schools. Surprisingly, it also demonstrates that, although some things have undoubtedly changed, for some readers much will be unexpectedly familiar!

Sometimes funny, always interesting, often sad, it is a story we can all share.

This is a Warwick Words Summer Festival event arranged by Warwick Books. Tickets can be obtained from the Box Office

Meet The Author With Warwick Books : Graham Jones

June 7th, 2014

On Saturday 7th June 2pm at Northgate Chapel WarwickGraham Jones will talk about his childrens book ‘Time Travelling Toby’ accompanied by  World War II veteran Tim Wellings!

Time Travelling Toby_CoverToby who lives in a little unremarkable village, and goes to a little unremarkable school has a humongous secret, which is so incredibly cool – Toby has a secret Time Machine.

They journey back to 1940 and find themselves helping the RAF defeat the Luftwaffe in an exciting adventure whilst learning about the Battle of Britain, ‘Stuka’ bombers, Spitfires and Fighter command.

Join children’s author, Graham Jones and WWII Veteran Air Gunner – Tim “Wimpey” Wellings and together you will find out about the Battle of Britain and time travel, and build your own fighter plane.There will be a reading from the book, an exciting visual presentation, a building session and a question and answer period with Graham and Tim.

This is an event not to be missed and whilst the books are targeted at 4-8 year olds the event is suitable for all ages……..can’t wait!

Colour Me Beautiful

May 22nd, 2014

Join us on Thursday 22nd May from 7pm at our evening event celebrating the publication of the brand new edition of ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ – the fully revised and updated book.

To celebrate the launch, Warwickshire’s award-winning Colour Me Beautiful Personal Stylist,9780600620808
Sarah Gray will be in store to give an introduction to the new edition and also give hints and tips
on choosing clothes in colours and styles which will really suit you. Sarah will also be available
throughout the evening to help with your style dilemmas.
Here’s what to expect:
From 7pm onwards– Drinks & nibbles
7.30pm Introduction to the brand new edition of Colour Me Beautiful & Colour your Style
demo.Why do certain colours look great on some people but not on others? Plus: how everyone
can wear black!
A break & a browse – time to ask Sarah for help with your style dilemma!
8.15pm Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!
Which accessories will work for your style personality and proportions? Plus: how accessories can
change an outfit to fit the occasion.
Of course, Colour Me Beautiful, published by Hamlyn will be available to purchase on the evening
– and every copy will include a discount voucher for a personal consultation.
PLACES ARE LIMITED! Tickets: £5 (redeemable against purchases on the night) available from
Kenilworth Books
For over 30 years, the internationally acclaimed Colour Me Beautiful team has been sharing the secrets of looking
great on the outside and feeling confident on the inside. Their bestselling book collection has enabled women to learn
the tricks of the trade and create a wardrobe that works for their individual lifestyle. Colour Me Beautiful constantly
researches the image and style needs of today’s women and men and updates services and products to meet their
ever-changing needs. To date, over two million British people have used Colour Me Beautiful image consultants and stylists to help them understand how to shop, create the perfect wardrobe and make a great first impression.

Meet The Author with Warwick Books : Mick Jeffs

May 21st, 2014

On Wednesday 21st May 7pm at Warwick Library , Mick Jeffs will be launching his  new book about Warwick ‘Warwick – Exploring With A Sketchbook’

Cover for webMick is the author of ‘Warwickshire Landscapes – The Story So Far’ and ‘Royal Leamington Spa – Exploring With A Sketchbook’. His new book will be a welcome addition to the books about Warwick, its history and buildings, which in truth are few on the ground. The book covers four walks around Warwick, and Mick will expound on these in his talk. Sure to be of interest to everyone who lives in Warwick, and particularly as Warwick is this year celebrating 1,100 years since the establishment of a burh by Ethelfleda in 914Page 11 for web


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